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Aizlewood submission: to the Welsh Parliamentary Review of Health & Social Care


Most Government policies for public service delivery make little distinction between co-operatives, mutuals, social enterprises and third sector structures. The UK Conservative Government has admitted that mutuals may be preferable to conventional outsourcing. Irrespective of their original or founding purposes, these have been reinsitutionalised as deliverers of low cost public services.

Since the advent of New Labour in 1997, there have been successive attempts to dilute democratic control and accountability, especially with the introduction of Community Interest Companies (CICs). The fastest growing CICs are from Companies Limited by Shares - private compa- nies which register as CICs for wider social acceptability.

The final section highlights the competitive procurement and commissioning environment in which third sector structures now operate. This Section also advocates a return to the original purpose of co-operatives – the creation and protection of jobs and enhancing support for local communities. There are also details of the Italian Marcora Law to assist worker buyouts.

The  submission includes details about Care Co-operatives for Older People, Co-operatives, Self Employment and the Precariat and Funding and Finance for Co-operatives.

Please click HERE for the full submission.


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