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Aizlewood meets Malta

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

UNISON hosted a meeting of the Aizlewood Group, the General Workers Union of Malta (GWU), Omnicare Co-operative, Glasgow Calendonian University, Co-op Party, the Co-operative College, Change Agents, Foster Care Co-operative and Pat Conaty, a research associate from Co-ops UK.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore convergence between UNISON and the wider trade union movement with the co-op movement. It is particularly clear that the UK Government is set on privatisating everything it can. Part of this agenda is to fragment public services and use our own movement against us.

The group discussed ways of working together such as mutualising the private sector and public sector reform. Red lines were discussed: "UNISON will not accept the privatisation of public services to co-ops, mutuals or social enterprises. Where there is convergence is mutualising the private sector,to bring about better terms and conditions for workers and society as a whole," said Paul Bell, National Officer, UNISON.

We were honoured to have special guests from Malta. Namely: Kevin Camilleri from the GWU and Esmeralda Azzopardi and Mario Gerarda from Omnicare.


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