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Aizlewood Group joins the Sheffield Co-operative Development Group

Aizlewood has now joined Sheffield Co-operative Development Group. We are committed to the Co-operative Movement but oppose privatisation in co-ops delivering public services.

About the Sheffield Cooperative Development Group

The Sheffield Cooperative Development Group (SCDG) is based at Aizlewood Mill, Sheffield. SCDG was formed in 1980 by:

  • Sheffield Co-operative Party

  • Brightside & Carbrook Cooperative Society

  • Sheffield & Ecclesall Cooperative Society

  • The Co-operative Bank (Sheffield Branch)

  • Sheffield Trades Council

  • Sheffield City Council

Working with the Aizlewood Group (cooperators, trade unions and academics) SCDG continues in a proud tradition of cooperatives and third sector organisations working with trade unions, the Labour Party and Labour Councils, in association with newly emerging industrial and servicing cooperatives on the basis of mutual aid. SCDG collaborates with other national organisations to receive financial support or advise for individuals wishing to form a cooperative.


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